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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 [Archived Catalog]


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A full time life demands education that fits your schedule. OHIO knows learning doesn’t occur only in campus buildings–it can happen wherever students are! eLearning options help to make that possibility a reality. eCampus links students to an Ohio University education that works for them–it extends Ohio University quality education beyond the bricks.

OHIO offers multiple learning options for traditional and nontraditional students, including those who may not be able to come to an Ohio University campus. Formats include online, correspondence and independent learning options that help students to integrate life, work, and learning into busy schedules.

eLearning opportunities are available through eCampus, which is administered by eLearning OHIO.

For further information about eCampus and eLearning OHIO, contact:

eLearning OHIO
Ohio University
Haning Hall 102
Athens, OH  45701-2979

Learning formats available

Online Learning

Online classes deliver dynamic, hands-on instruction to anywhere that a student has an Internet connection. Many of the courses offered face-to-face on an OHIO campus also are offered in a web-based format that includes a variety of learning and communication options. Students may elect to take one course or earn an entire degree online (see fully online degree programs below).

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses are structured, independent learning options that are developed and graded by University faculty. Most are presented in a printed course guide or on the Web, but other media may be available, such as CDs. Content is divided into lessons and assignments are submitted at the end of each lesson. Students and faculty participate in a dialog that may be conducted by postal mail, fax, or email. Supervised examinations are generally required and may be arranged at locations near the student’s location.

Independent Learning Options

Independent learning may be an option available on request; each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if the option is appropriate to meet the student’s goals. Examples of independent learning options include:

  • Portfolio-based assessment which helps qualified adults document and receive credit for learning that has occurred through employment or volunteer activities;
  • Course credit by examination in which students enroll in a course and receive a brief syllabus that describes the nature of the course, the textbooks, and other materials to study, and the type of examination–students prepare for the examination without assistance from a faculty member;
  • Independent study projects which are contingent upon the approval of the department in which the course is offered and the availability of a qualified faculty member willing to direct the project. Independent study students and faculty members agree upon the conditions that must be fulfilled for credit to be awarded. The work may include a variety of readings, papers, projects, and examinations. This option is most successfully used by experienced students.

For more information about Independent Learning Options visit:

Degree Programs

Discover your promise at Ohio University without having to leave home! Even if you cannot attend classes at any of the six Ohio University campuses, you can become an Ohio University student and experience the environment, the people, the opportunities, and the quality education that are Ohio University!

Undergraduate Degrees

Fully Online

The online degree completion option maximizes the transfer of credits earned during the course of an associate degree and provides options for students to complete some courses through their community college while earning an Ohio University bachelor’s degree online, or finish all courses online from OHIO. Often referred to as community college partners because community colleges across Ohio collaborate with Ohio University in streamlining transfer into the program. This option is not only for those students attending partner colleges. Any student with an associate degree, who meets program application requirements, may apply to the online completion degree. The following degree programs are currently offered:

Flexible Delivery

The following degree programs are offered in a flexible format that may include a combination of online courses, correspondence courses, or independent learning courses (see above). Previous college coursework credit is often used to fulfill partial requirements. The following degree programs are currently offered:

Graduate Degrees

Graduate degree programs available in fully online format allow students to continue their education without interrupting their lives to come to Athens. Ohio University standards assure that students receive the same high quality education as if they were on campus.

Audience Specific Offerings

Summer Sessions

Ohio Summer Sessions offers undergraduate and graduate courses, workshops, and special programs on the Athens and regional campuses and online to traditional, nontraditional, visiting, and high school students. Students on campus experience a relaxed campus atmosphere, smaller classes, a friendly and diverse student body, unique and specialized classes and formats, and many extracurricular events. Summer sessions provide students with an extra semester to begin a degree, earn a teaching certificate, learn a new language, update professional skills, or catch up on courses.

College for the Incarcerated

This option serves incarcerated adults who wish to earn a degree or college credit. Students receive guidance in evaluating previous college work and planning a degree. Most credit is earned through correspondence courses or the independent learning option. Comprehensive fees make college-level study more accessible to incarcerated learners. Students also can transfer credit to other institutions. The following degree programs are currently offered:

Real Estate Certification Program

Consisting of four undergraduate courses in Real Estate Technology, courses toward this certification are offered on the Athens campus each semester. The courses may be taken for credit or non-credit. Completion of the courses qualifies students to apply for the Ohio Division of Real Estate exam.

Noncredit and CEU Options

Web-based e-learning offers individuals the opportunity to learn new skills with a focus on career and professional development courses and certificates. Students learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Many courses and all certificate programs provide CEUs upon successful completion.


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