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Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2015-2017 
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2015-2017 [Archived Catalog]

Theater - MA

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Degree Title: Master of Arts

Program Name and Number: Theater - MA5138

Department/Unit: School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Delivery Mode: Athens Campus

Program Mission: The Ohio University MA Theater Degree prepares students to:

  • Demonstrate heightened skills in professional presentation, collaboration and communication.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of research practices, dramatic literature, theory and history.
  • Apply heightened skills and demonstrate a comprehension of theories and methodologies as they relate to theatrical practice.

The goal of the MA in Theater is to provide a one-year degree option (30 semester credit minimum) for students wishing to gain additional in-depth study in a particular area of theater. Programs of study are developed with the student’s primary advisor and must be delineated at the start of coursework.

Program Learning Objectives:

  • To achieve proficiency at a professional standard in the student’s area of concentration
  • To broaden the undergraduate base of study through continued graduate level study
  • To deepen specialization of an area of concentration
  • To prepare graduates to work professionally in theater

Program Overview:  The Master of Arts degree in Theater is a 30-credit program that offers a base in theater history and performance studies with additional coursework in playwriting, directing or design and technology. All work takes place in the context of a professionally oriented Theater Division. Masters’ students demonstrate their proficiency through a comprehensive examination, written thesis, performance project, or, in exceptional cases, a professional internship. This program allows graduate students and those entering the professional theater to broaden future goals and hone skills.

Concentrations: Areas of Concentration available include: Theater and Performance Studies, Scene Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design and Technology, Sound Design and Technology, Props and Costume Crafts, Technical Direction, and Stage Management.

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Graduation Requirements:

  1. 30 Credit Hours required: 23 in core studies, 7 in electives.
    1. At least 50% of coursework must be in graduate only classes.
  2. Demonstrated Proficiency through: thesis or capstone project in area of concentration
  3. The MA can be completed in one year of full time study.
  4. Core Requirements:

Theater and Performance Studies (10 credits)

  • THAR 5010 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3 credits)
  • THAR 57xx, 67xx, 7997, 5396, 5398, 5510, 7211
  • IART 74xx, 75xx, 76xx
  • Course from other College of Fine Arts Schools eligible with departmental approval.

Production Practicum (4 credits)

  • THAR 5100, 5200, 5300, 5600, 5700 Practicum

Specialization Area (10 credits)

  • Develop a course of study with your Advisor, and submit to the Director’s office for approval.
  • Courses selected may not also fulfill minimum requirements for Theater/Performance Studies, Thesis, or Production Practicum. Courses selected must be at the 5000 level or higher.

Exam / Thesis / Internship (2 credits)

  • Complete 1 course for a minimum of 2 semester credit hours.
  • Select from the following: THAR 5720 Theater Scholarship, THAR 7997 Independent Study, THAR 6960 Thesis Project, THAR 6940 Thesis Research, THAR 6950 Formal Thesis, THAR 7901 Internship Acting, THAR 7903 Internship PD&T, THAR 7905 Internship Playwriting.

Directed Electives

  • In consultation with your advisor, select and complete any University courses numbered 5000 or higher to reach the 30-semester credit hours minimum to earn a M.A. degree.

Admission Requirements: Admission to the program requires a Bachelor’s degree and is based on an evaluation of your portfolio, resume, and recommendations, as well as a review of your academic qualifications for graduate work. A visit to inspect the facilities and an interview with faculty in the area of specialization is critical. The GRE is NOT required for this program. International students must consult the University webpage for international studies for further information on such topics as the TOEFL, speak test, visas, and others.

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