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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08 [Archived Catalog]

Art, School of

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David LaPalombara, Director

The School of Art is a community of artists and scholars dedicated to exploration and education in the visual arts. Our goal is to prepare graduating students for professions as artists, teachers, or professionals in related fields, as well as for admission to graduate programs. Our nationally acclaimed faculty members were chosen for expertise in their fields of study, as well as for their dedication to teaching. The six schools that compose the College of Fine Arts offer a wide variety of cultural opportunities in fine arts, dance, music, theater, film, and interdisciplinary arts. Situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the beautiful Hocking River runs through the campus and the city of Athens. The community affords a number of options for outdoor and indoor recreation and entertainment. Two annual favorites are the “Columbus to Athens Fall Classic” bicycle marathon and the “Athens International Film Festival.” Three Study Abroad Programs extend our reach to Mexico, England, and Italy where students can experience first-hand the art and history of different cultures.

The School of Art nurtures an interdisciplinary atmosphere in which students from many disciplines come together. Diversity in gender, culture, and ethnicity exists and is welcome within our program, just as we welcome diversity in method, style, and medium. Artists historically have borrowed from and have been influenced by other cultures, methods, and peoples. We seek out differences and celebrate them. 

The Program

Students can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree majoring in art history, ceramics, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The School of Art also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art or Art History. To accommodate these pursuits our facilities include an extensive range of ceramic kilns; a sculpture building, including metal working equipment, a modern foundry, and a comprehensive wood shop; painting and drawing studios; printmaking facilities with photo-silkscreen, lithography, etching and typesetting presses, digital equipment for producing large-scale prints; graphic design digital labs; extensive darkrooms, photography studios, and computers for digital imagery. Our own Visual Resource Library contains more than 200,000 images in slide form and digital files plus numerous CD’s, videotapes, and books. All students have e-mail access and entry to the major collections in the Fine Arts Library located at Ohio University’s Alden Library, which serves as a federal research repository and is particularly strong in Renaissance, 19th century, Oceanic, modern art, contemporary art, and the history of photography. On-campus study collections include the Kennedy Collection of Native American Art, the Kennedy Collection of African Art, the Trisolini Contemporary Print Collection, as well as exhibitions curated at the Kennedy Museum of Art. Our Visiting Artists program regularly brings to campus internationally known artists and scholars.

The Process

All students enter the art program as General Art Majors and have shared experiences during their first two years in the Foundations program. This program provides students with a basis for critical and creative thinking by giving them a broad range of experiences in the studio and in the classroom. These first two years also give students the opportunity to integrate their general education studies with their development as growing artists and scholars. Once students complete this aspect of the program most of the explorations focus upon study within the chosen area of specialization. (Students interested in becoming art history majors should consult with faculty in that area during their first year of study.) Studio areas require an exhibition of each student’s art works as the crowning event in achieving the B.F.A. degree. Student achievements are acknowledged through awards presented at student exhibitions, as well as through talent and academic scholarships. These scholarships are available to both incoming and continuing students.


With a faculty of 30 members, the School of Art makes advising an integral part of the educational experience. Students are encouraged to consult regularly with advisors concerning the selection of courses and progress toward fulfilling degree requirements. Advisors also can help students determine which scholarships are available. Other resources for advising and consulting are the Student Services Coordinator, the chair of the Foundations Program, or the area chair in your major.  


Two organizations in the School of Art round out the community by affording more opportunities for student interaction. The Undergraduate Art League (UAL) sponsors visiting artists, organizes annual juried exhibitions, and coordinates trips to major museums. The Students in Design (SID) is a student chapter of the American Center for Design (ACD). SID members sponsor design-related events, assist sophomores in portfolio preparation, and attend the annual ACD conference. 


Talent scholarships are available to incoming first-year students. Submit portfolios of 20 slides to the School of Art Scholarship Committee, Seigfred Hall, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701, by the February 1st deadline. Detailed information on portfolio requirements can be obtained from the Student Services Office at the School of Art. Incoming students are also eligible to be considered for the Gateway award program which is based on academic achievement and/or financial need. Four other University programs based on ACT, SAT, and/or rank support multicultural students: the Templeton Scholar Award, the King/Chavez/Parks Awards, the Urban Scholars Award, and the Incentive Award. These scholarships are awarded through the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and require certain criteria in order to be renewed each year. Once enrolled, recognition is given to art majors as they pursue their programs through the annual awarding of scholarships and prizes, including the College of Fine Arts Dean’s Awards and numerous endowed funds. These funds are awarded for outstanding accomplishments at the sophomore through senior levels and are based primarily on talent. Included in the School of Art endowed scholarships are: Kenneth Clifford Memorial, John Steven Cordray Scholarship Fund, Rose Marie Darst Memorial, L.C. Mitchell Memorial, the Foster Award, Francis Paulson Family Memorial, Terry Shuchat Photography Scholarship, Walter and Sally Greene Scholarship, and the Edna Way Scholarship. Application for these scholarships must be made on line by mid-March at http://www-sfa.chubb.ohiou.edu/.

Work Experience

Program to Aid in Career Exploration (PACE) positions are designed to offer pre-professional experiences to undergraduates in all areas throughout the University. The School of Art faculty and administrators employ PACE students who learn as apprentices in many areas of the school. Some of these include: Graphic Designer, Studio Assistant, Slide Library Photographer, Public Relations Assistant, Studio Art Printer, Graphic Design Lab Manager, Gallery Assistant, Web Master, and Newsletter Editor. Students interested in this program must apply for PACE eligibility at the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Work-study positions are available in the School of Art. Motivated art majors frequently find internships in the Kennedy Museum of Art or in local galleries. Upper-class art majors may apply to become Art Ambassadors for the school.

Admission Requirements

If you are planning to become an art major, enter the School of Art as a general art major (major code ND5153). You need to meet the general University requirements in order to be accepted. A portfolio is required only if you are interested in applying for a scholarship or if you are a transfer student.

Major Areas and Requirements

Students must have an overall GPA of 2.75 to apply to any major within the School of Art. This application should only occur after consulting with the chair of the intended major area. To maintain major status after acceptance into the major, students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 and a GPA of 3.0 within their major area of study. Before you can graduate, you must satisfy the degree requirements of Ohio University, the College of Fine Arts, and the School of Art. The following courses, available on regional campuses only, may not be used to fulfill specific degree requirements in the School of Art, including studio electives: ART 115A, 125, 141, and 151. School of Art majors may use these courses as free electives only.

Transfer Requirements

While the School of Art welcomes students transferring from other programs, not all students can be accepted due to limits in space and resources. Admission is selective, not guaranteed.

Transfer guidelines for students currently enrolled at Ohio University:

  • Minimum requirement of a 2.75 GPA
  • A minimum grade of “C” is required for credit in major courses.
  • Must enroll as a general art major and complete a required program of Foundations and Studio courses.
  • Being a general art major does not guarantee the student will become an art major. A student must complete the prerequisite Foundations and Studio courses and submit a portfolio to a particular discipline area for faculty review before becoming an art major.
  • May not enroll as a senior.
  • Applications for transfer may be obtained from the student’s college or the College of Fine Arts.
  • Must contact the student services coordinator at the School of Art for advising during the first quarter of study.

Transfer guidelines for students attending another institution of higher learning:

  • Must enroll as a general art major and complete a required program of Foundations and Studio courses or equivalent courses.
  • To apply for credit for studio coursework completed at another institution, submit the following:
    A copy of all college transcripts, a portfolio of original work (slides or flat pieces only, all 3-D work must be in slide form) along with a self-addressed stamped envelope should be sent to the Director of Foundations, Transfer Portfolio Review, School of Art, Seigfred Hall, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701 prior to the following evaluation dates:
    May 1– Fall and Summer entries
    October 1– Winter entries
    February 1– Spring entries
  • Applications for transfer may be obtained from the Ohio University Office of Admissions.

Returning Students

Students wishing to return to complete a program after 10 years must reapply for acceptance.  Credits earned prior to re-admittance would be subject to review by the department for credit toward current major requirements.

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