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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2010-12 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2010-12 [Archived Catalog]

International Studies

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College of Arts and Sciences 
Yamada International House 102
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Laura Schaeffer, contact person

Knowledge of the interdependent world in which we live and work is essential to all citizens.  Through pursuit of the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies degree students develop international competence which involves understanding other peoples and societies well enough to work effectively with them on a broad range of common problems.  The degree calls for the education and training of persons who are proficient in a language other than their own and who understand the history, culture, goals, aspirations and world view of a people utilizing that language.


The faculty, students and staff of the Center for International Studies are committed to understanding the world in all its complexity to promote responsible development, peace, and justice. The Center for International Studies fosters an educated, just and prosperous world. Curriculum, research, outreach and service are the agencies of our interdisciplinary understanding of complex global problems and the search for solutions. Central to the Center’s mission is the advancement of diversity among faculty and students, programs and academic activities. The Center is determined to influence state and national agendas regarding international education and development, to build bridges between Ohio University and institutions abroad, and to lead in the internationalization of the university and its curriculum.



Global Studies—Africa (BA4405) 

Global Studies—Asia (BA4406) 

Global Studies—Europe (BA4407) 

Global Studies—Latin America (BA4408) 

Global Studies—War and Peace (BA4409) 


Africa Studies (CTAFRI) 

Asia Studies (CTASIA) 

East Asia Studies (CTEASI) 

Europe Studies (CTEURO) 

Latin America Studies (CTLAMS) 

Southeast Asia Studies (CTSEAS) 

War and Peace Studies (CTWARU) 

Global Leadership Center

The Global Leadership Center (GLC) is an innovative program that prepares students for leadership opportunities in a rapidly changing world. Open to all majors, the GLC brings together the resources of the Colleges of Communication, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Business in an interdisciplinary 30-credit hour program on global issues, with a strong emphasis on real-world projects and problem-solving skills. The program has several distinctive features:

Project-based learning
GLC courses are not traditional classes with lectures, tests, and papers. Instead, students work in project teams on real-world problems and issues. Project-based learning challenges students to determine what they need to know to solve the problem, how they are going to find the information they need, and how they are going to apply it. Project-based learning also changes the role of faculty members; rather than providing the students with specific course content, faculty members advise, consult, and provide feedback on all aspects of a project, from research and analysis to report writing and presentations.

Leadership center
The GLC is housed in Bromley Hall. Students enter the GLC in fall quarter of their sophomore or junior years. Sophomores may choose to spend their sophomore year in residence; residency is also an option for entering juniors and second-year GLC students. Faculty members join students for meals, cultural events, and other activities. The purpose of the residential plan is to build a living and learning community that combines the professional and social spheres and fosters teamwork; in such a community, students working in teams on projects should come to regard each other as colleagues with a shared mission.

International experiences
Each GLC student completes at least two international and cross-cultural projects. First-year GLC students undertake consulting projects, working in binational teams with students from an overseas university (the GLC has worked in Hungary, Ecuador, the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Mexico). After the first year, students do an internship overseas or complete a second study abroad program. Students apply for admission in their freshman or sophomore year. All standard financial aid programs apply.

Plan of study
The program consists of eight projects and an international internship or second study abroad program, taken over two years in the following sequence:

Sophomore Year

Fall: GLC 201, 202 (8 hours)
Winter: GLC 203, 204 (8 hours)
Spring: GLC 205 (2 hours)

Junior Year

Fall: GLC 301 (4 hours)
Winter: GLC 302 (4 hours)
Spring: GLC 303 (4 hours)

The internship (GLC 400, 0-6 hours) may be taken at any time after the first year in the GLC program. GLC courses count toward specialization or distribution requirements for most majors.

Other requirements
Students are required to demonstrate competency in a modern language to the 213 level (or equivalent), or to complete an advanced sign language course by the time they graduate. For more information, contact the Global Leadership Center at:


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