May 25, 2024  
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 [Archived Catalog]

Bridges: Ethnics & Reasoning

Ethics & Reasoning. One credit hour of Ethics & Reasoning coursework is required. The following courses fulfill the Ethics & Reasoning requirement and are marked in this catalog with the designation (BER) as the general education code.

Course Code Course Title Hours
AVN3000 Aviation Laws and Regulations 3
BA1100 Introduction to Business 3
BA3900 Topics in Business Ethics 1
CARS2530 Difficult Dialogues: Science and Religion 4
CLWR2240 Difficult Dialogues: Science and Religion 4
COMS1030 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
CHE4040 ChE Ethical Reasoning & Cultural Competency  3
CS2653 Professional & Ethical Aspects of Computing 3
ECT1210 Understanding VR Technology 3
EDCS2010 Educational and Cultural Diversity 3
ENG3990 Literary Theory and Ethical Practice 3
GEOG3270 Geographies of Social Justice 3
HIST4115 Anc E Asian Ideas and Contmp W 3
HLTH4445 Health Care Law and Ethics 3
IHS4246 Identifying Abuse in a Healthcare Setting 3
IHS4514 Professional and Clinical Ethics for the Health Professions 3
ISE4192 Senior Capstone 6
JOUR3200 Ethics, Mass Media, and Society 3
ME4800 Mechanical Engineering Colloquium IV 1
MGT3100 Values, Business Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility 3
NRSE3510 Ethical Reasoning in the Health Profession 1
PHIL2300 Ethical Reasoning: From Theory to Application 1
POLS4010 American Constitutional Law 3
POLS4590 Terrorism 3
POLS4640 Global Humanitarianism 3
PSY3520 Social Psychology of Justice 3
SASM3120 Sports Governance and Ethics 3
SASM4500 Bobcat Sport Consulting 3
SLS3010 Ethics & Risk Management in Sport and Physical Activity 3
THAR2120 Mindfulness and Creativity 3