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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19 [Archived Catalog]

Major, Minor, and Certificate Codes

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Major Codes


The following is a listing of undergraduate major codes arranged by the college in which each major is offered. Some programs and majors are offered through more than one college, and not all majors are open to incoming freshmen. See each program for specific information.

Major Code Prefixes

The two–letter prefix of each major code often indicates the type of degree awarded for that major (see specific major for details). In some cases, it indicates that an additional application process is required for admission to the major.



Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science, or Associate in Applied Business

AI   Associate in Individualized Studies
AS   Associate in Science
BA   Bachelor of Arts
BB   Bachelor of Business Administration
BC   Bachelor of Science in Communication or Bachelor of Criminal Justice
BF   Bachelor of Fine Arts
BJ   Bachelor of Science in Journalism
BM   Bachelor of Music
BS   Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Specialized Studies, Bachelor of Sport Management, or Bachelor of Social Work
BT   Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies
ND   Nondegree program


College of Arts and Sciences


Some of the majors in this college have two major codes. In general, you have the option with these majors of choosing either a degree program that is more hard sciences–oriented (BS) or one that is more liberal arts/humanities–oriented (BA). Details on curricular differences can be found in the College of Arts and Sciences section under the specific program listings. You might want to consult with an admissions officer or a college representative about which option is more suitable for you.

  African American Studies


  African American Studies
  Biological Sciences
  BS2121   Biological Sciences
  BS2520   Cellular and Molecular Biology
  BA2129   Environmental Biology
  BA2128   Human Biology
  BS2126   Marine, Freshwater, and Environmental Biology
  BS0411   Microbiology
  BS2507   Prephysical Therapy
  BS2127   Preprofessional Program
  BS2522   Wildlife and Conservation Biology
  Chemistry and Biochemistry
  BS3316   Biochemistry
  BS3311, BA3311   Chemistry
  BS3315   Chemistry Environmental
  BS3310   Forensic Chemistry
  BS3312   Predentistry
  BS3313   Prepharmacy
  BS3314   Premedicine
  Classics and World Religions
  BA5214   Classical Civilization
  BA5217   Classical Languages
  BA5215   World Religions
  BA4221, BS4225   Economics
  BA5232   English—Creative Writing
  BA5236   English—Cultures, Rhetoric, and Theory
  BA5230   English—Literature and Writing
  BA5234   English—Prelaw
  Environmental and Plant Biology
  BA2110   Applied Plant Biology
  BS2120   Environmental and Plant Biology
  BA2119   Field Ecology

Environmental Studies
(see Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Environmental and Plant Biology, Geography, and Geological Sciences)

  BS4232   Geography—Environmental Geography
  BS4240   Environmental Prelaw
  BS4235   Geography—Geographic Information Science
  BS4231, BA4231   Geography
  BA4241   Globalization and Development
  BS4238   Meteorology
  BS4242   Urban Planning and Sustainability
  Geological Sciences
  BS3323   Environmental Geology
  BS3321, BA3321   Geological Sciences
  BA4211   History
  BA4214   Prelaw
  BA5290   Linguistics
  BS3105   Mathematics—Actuarial Science
  BS3103   Mathematics—Applied
  BA3101, BS3101   Mathematics
  BS3106   Mathematics—Mathematical Statistics Track
  Modern Languages
  BA5221   French
  BA5222   German
  BA5224   Russian
  BA5225   Spanish
  BA5241   Philosophy
  BA5244   Prelaw
  BA5242   Pretheology
  BS3332   Applied Physics
  BS3335   Astrophysics
  BS3338   Meteorology
  BS3331, BA3331   Physics
  Political Science
  BA4201   Political Science
  BA4203   Prelaw
  BA4105   Prephysical Therapy
  BA4101, BA4107   Psychology
  Sociology and Anthropology
  BA4252   Anthropology
  BA4253   Criminology
  BA4254   Prelaw
  BA4251   Sociology
  Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  BA4412   Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  ND0410   Undecided1
  ND0406   Undecided—Humanities Emphasis1
  ND0407   Undecided—Natural Sciences Emphasis1
  ND0408   Undecided—Social Sciences Emphasis1

1Some restrictions apply. See Undecided under College of Arts and Sciences.


College of Business

  BB6121   Accounting
  BB6125   Finance
  Management Information Systems
  BB6158   Business Analytics
  BB6137   Management Information Systems
  BB6124   Business Economics
  BB6120   Business Prelaw
  BB6156   Entrepreneurship
  BB6122   General Business
  BB6132   International Business
  BB6127   Marketing
  Sports Administration
  ND8840   Presport Management
   BS8167   Sport Management
  ND0610   Undecided


College of Fine Arts

  Art + Design
  BA5149   Art History
  BF6321   Graphic Design1
  BF5198   Interior Architecture
  BA5050,  BF5051   Studio Art
  Dance, Film, and Theater
  BF5161   Acting2
  BA5150   Dance
  BF5154   Dance—Performance and Choreography
  BF5158   Playwriting
  BF5162   Production Design and Technology2
  BF5168   Stage Management
  BA5194   Theater
  BA5195   Music
  BM5053   Instrumental Performance
  BM5105   Music Composition
  BM5106   Music Education—Choral Emphasis
  BM5107   Music Education—Instrumental Emphasis
  BM5115   Music Therapy
  BM5102   Organ
  BM5100   Piano
  BM5104   Piano Pedagogy
  ND5117   Premusic
  BM5101   Voice
  ND9917   Nondegree

1 Not open to freshmen; apply initially as a General Art major.

2 Not open to freshmen; apply initially as a General Theater major.


College of Health Sciences and Professions

  BS6357   Integrated Healthcare Studies
  ND6367   HSP-Undec/Integrated Healthcare Studies
Applied Health Sciences and Wellness
  BS6470   Applied Nutrition
  BS8117   Athletic Training6
  BS8122   Exercise Physiology3
  BS8171   Exercise Physiology Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration3
  BS6474   Nutrition Science
  ND8839   Preexercise Physiology
  BS1221   Nursing, Prelicensure Program
  BS1203   Nursing, RN-to-B.S.N. Program1
  ND1205   Prebaccalaureate Nursing 1
  CTSNLU   School Nurse 1
  Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences2
  BS5327   Communication Sciences and Disorders
  Social and Public Health
  BS6468   Child and Family Studies
  BS8100   Community and Public Health
  BS6260   Environmental Health Science
  BS8119   Health Services Administration
  BS6836   Long–Term Health Care Administration
  BS3300   Occupational Hygiene and Safety
  ND6603   Presocial Work5
  BA6601, BS6605   Social Work4




1 Not open to freshmen–available only to registered nurses

2 Physical Therapy not open to freshmen–selective admission doctoral program. Enter through a preparatory program such as Biological Sciences Prephysical Therapy or Psychology Prephysical Therapy in the College of Arts and Sciences, or Exercise Physiology in the College of Health Sciences and Professions. You must apply for the doctoral program through the School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences.

3 Selective admission program. Consult the program listing for details.

4 Not open to freshmen; you must complete the Presocial Work Program before you can become a social work major.

5 This entry-level program does not fulfill a degree but is intended as preparation for admission into the social work major.

6 No longer admitting freshmen/first year students

Honors Tutorial College


Some of the majors listed below have two major codes, of which you will select one. In general, the second option (BA) provides a curriculum that is more liberal arts oriented. You may want to consult with an admissions officer or a college representative regarding which option is more suitable for you.

  BA1934   Anthropology
  BA1935   Art History
  BS1931   Astrophysics
  BS1902   Biological Sciences
  BB1926   Business Administration
  BS1904   Chemistry
  BA1932   Classics
  BS1941   Communication Sciences and Disorders
  BC1918   Communication Studies
  BS1929   Computer Science
  BF1906   Dance Tutorial
  BS1910   Economics
  BS1925   Engineering Physics
  BA1916   English
  BS1901   Environmental and Plant Biology
  BA1942   Environmental Studies
  BF1924   Film Tutorial
  BA1914   French
  BA1944   Geography
  BS1948   Geological Sciences
  BA1909   History
  BJ1923   Journalism
  BS1903   Mathematics
  BA1938   Music
  BS1937   Neuroscience
  BA1917   Philosophy
  BS1905   Physics
  BA1908   Political Science
  BA1930   Social Work
  BA1912   Sociology/Sociology—Criminology
  BA1939, BF1940   Studio Art
  BA1915   Spanish
  BC1920   Media Arts and Studies
  BF1913, BA1913   General Theater
  BS1946   Translational Health Studies—Applied Nutrition
  BS1947   Translational Health Studies—Exercise Physiology
  BA1945   Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Patton College of Education


Teacher Education


Adolescent to Young Adult Programs

    BS6315   Earth/Space Science
    BS6306   Integrated Language Arts
    BS6307   Integrated Mathematics
    BS6309   Integrated Science
    BS6308   Integrated Social Studies
    BS6314   Life Science
    BS6397   Physical Science—Chemistry
    BS6396   Physical Science—Physics
    BS6395   Physical Science—Physics and Chemistry

Early Childhood Education

    AA1106   Child Development
    BS6854   Early Childhood Education
    ND8837   Early Childhood Premajor

Middle Childhood Education

    BS6180   Language Arts and Mathematics
    BS6179   Language Arts and Science
    BS6178   Language Arts and Social Studies
    BS6177   Mathematics and Science
    BS6175   Mathematics and Social Studies
    BS6176   Science and Social Studies

Multi–age Programs

    BS6232   French
    BS6233   German
    ND8838   Prephysical Education
    BS6235   Spanish

Special Education

    BS6316   Mild—Moderate Educational Needs
    BS6317   Moderate Intensive Educational Needs

Human and Consumer Sciences

    BS6418   Customer Service Leadership
Family and Consumer Sciences Education—Community Leadership
    BS6370   Family and Consumer Sciences Education—Teaching
    ND8835   Preretail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development
    BS6361   Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism
    BS6380   Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development

Recreation and Sport Pedagogy

Outdoor Recreation and Education
    BS8169   Physical Activity and Sport Coaching
    BS8106   Physical Education
    ND8838   Prephysical Education
    BS8109   Recreation Management


    ND0810   Undecided


Russ College of Engineering and Technology

  BS7269   Aviation Flight
  AA7268   Aviation Flight Technology
  BS7270   Aviation Management
  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  BS7251   Chemical Engineering
  BS7263   Chemical Engineering—Biological Track
  BS7264   Chemical Engineering—Energy and the Environment Track
  BS7262   Chemical Engineering—Materials Track
  Civil Engineering
  BS7252   Civil Engineering
  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  BS7260   Computer Science
  BS7253   Electrical Engineering
  BS7254   Electrical Engineering—Computer Engineering Track
  Engineering Technology and Management
  BS7256   Engineering Technology and Management
  BS7273   Technical Operations Management
  Industrial and Systems Engineering
  BS7255   Industrial and Systems Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering
  BS7274   Energy Engineering
  BS7257   Mechanical Engineering
  ND0910   Undecided


Scripps College of Communication

BC5374   Applied Communication
ND5374   Preapplied Communication
  Communication Studies  
  BC5363   Communication Studies
  BC5364   Communication Studies (for Regional Campus students)

Information and Telecommunication Systems

  BC5329   Information and Telecommunication Systems


  BJ6910   Journalism—Carr Van Anda
  BJ6906   Journalism—News and Information
  BJ6907   Journalism—Strategic Communication

Media Arts and Studies

  BC5365   Media Arts and Studies
  BC5370   Media Arts and Studies—Games and Animation
  BC5373   Media Arts and Studies—Integrated Media
  BC5369   Media Arts and Studies—Media and Social Change
  BC5371   Media Arts and Studies—Music Production and Recording Industry
  BC5372   Media Arts and Studies—Screenwriting and Producing
  ND5368   Premedia Arts and Studies

Visual Communication

  BS6925   Visual Communication—Commercial Photography
  BS6924   Visual Communication—Information Graphics/Publication Design
  BS6923   Visual Communication—Multimedia
  BS6922   Visual Communication—Photojournalism




University College

  Associate in Arts
  AA1114   Arts and Humanities Emphasis
  AA1110   Social Sciences Emphasis
  Associate in Individualized Studies1
  AI5508   Associate in Individualized Studies
  Associate in Science
  AS1104   Associate in Science
  Bachelor of Criminal Justice2
  BC2209   Bachelor of Criminal Justice
  ND2210   Prebachelor of Criminal Justice
  Bachelor of Specialized Studies3
  BS1112   Bachelor of Specialized Studies
  ND1112   Prespecialized Studies
  ND1201   Undecided

1 Separate application required.

2 Requires an associate’s degree in an area related to criminal justice for admission. Not open to first–year students.

3Separate application required. Not open to first–year students.

Center for International Studies

  International Studies    
  BA4405   Global Studies—Africa
  BA4406   Global Studies—Asia
  BA4407   Global Studies—Europe
  BA4408   Global Studies—Latin America
  BA4409   Global Studies—War and Peace

Regional Higher Education


The following degrees are available on all regional campuses:

  Associate in Arts
  AA1114   Arts and Humanities Emphasis
  AA1110   Social Sciences Emphasis
  Associate in Science
Associate in Science
  Bachelor of Science in Applied Management
  BS5511   Applied Management
  Bachelor of Science in Sport and Lifestyle Studies
  BS5512   Sport and Lifestyle Studies
  Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies
  BT5510   Technical and Applied Studies


Chillicothe Campus
  AA5002   Accounting Technology
  AI5508   Associate in Individualized Studies
  AA5006   Business Management Technology
  AA1106   Child Development
  AA5010   Computer Science Technology
  AA5018   Environmental Engineering Technology
  AA5022   Health Technology
  AA5201   Human Services Technology
  AA5505   Law Enforcement Technology
  AA2342   Nursing, RN
  AA5005   Office Administration Technology
  ND8833   Prenursing
Lancaster Campus
  AA5002   Accounting Technology
  AI5508   Associate in Individualized Studies
  AA5006   Business Management Technology
  AA1106   Child Development
  AA5010   Computer Science Technology
  AA5013   Electronic Media
  AA5023   Engineering Technology
  AA5022   Health Technology
  AA5505   Law Enforcement Technology
  AA5019   Medical Assisting Technology
Southern Campus
  AA5002   Accounting Technology
  AI5508   Associate in Individualized Studies
  AA5006   Business Management Technology
  AA1106   Child Development
  AA5010   Computer Science Technology
  AA5013   Electronic Media
  AA5018   Environmental Engineering Technology
  AA5017   Equine Studies
  AA5022   Health Technology
  AA5201   Human Services Technology
  AA5505   Law Enforcement Technology
  AA2342   Nursing, RN
  AA5005   Office Administration Technology
  ND8833   Prenursing
Zanesville Campus
  AI5508   Associate in Individualized Studies
  AA5013   Electronic Media
  AA2342   Nursing, RN
  ND8833   Prenursing

Minor Codes


In general, all academic minors are open to any student pursuing a baccalaureate program at the University. Detailed information for each minor is listed in the catalog section of the college through which the minor is offered.

  OR5826   Aerospace Studies
  OR4903   African American Studies
  OR4252   Anthropology
  OR6360   Applied Nutrition
  ORARTH   Art History
  ORASTR   Astronomy
  OR7270   Aviation Management
  OR2121   Biological Sciences
  ORBSAD   Business
  OR6158   Business Analytics
  OR3311   Chemistry
  OR5214   Classical Civilization
  ORCOED   Coaching Education
  OR5305   Communication Sciences and Disorders
  ORCOMS   Communication Studies
  OR8100   Community and Public Health
  OR7260   Computer Science
  OR6181   Customer Service
  ORDNCH   Dance:History and Theory
  OR5154   Dance: Performance and Choreography
  ORDNCS   Dance: Somatic Studies
  OR4221   Economics
  OR5231   English
  OR6260   Environmental Health Sciences
  OR2120   Environmental and Plant Biology
  ORFILM   Film
  OR6125   Finance
  OR5221   French
  OR4231   Geography
  OR4233   Geography - Meteorology
  OR3321   Geological Sciences
  OR5222   German
  OR5212   Greek
  OR4211   History
  OR5329   Information and Telecommunication Systems
  ORIART   Interdisciplinary Arts
  ORJAPN   Japanese
  ORJAZZ   Jazz Studies
  OR6906   Journalism
  OR5211   Latin
  OR5290   Linguistics
  OR6127   Marketing
  OR3101   Mathematics
  OR5825   Military Science
  ORMUSI   Music
  OR8156   Outdoor Recreation and Education
  OR4415   Paleontology
  OR5241   Philosophy
  OR3331   Physics
  OR4201   Political Science
  OR4101   Psychology
  OR8109   Recreation Management
  OR6380   Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development
  OR5224   Russian
  OR5375   Screenwriting and Digital Storytelling
  OR6602   Social Service
  OR4251   Sociology
  OR5225   Spanish
  OR6150   Sports Administration
  ORSART   Studio Art
  ORTHAR   Theater
  OR5215   World Religions

Certificate Codes


The certificate programs listed here are open to all students pursuing baccalaureate programs at the University, regardless of college or major. The equivalent of minors, these interdisciplinary programs can complement your major, broaden your career possibilities, or allow you to study an area of interest from a variety of perspectives. You will be awarded the certificate and receive official recognition on your transcript when you graduate. Please note, these certificate programs are not related to teaching or other professional certification conferred by outside agencies. To enroll in a program, contact the sponsoring college. Your own college will enter your certificate information onto your record.

  CTAFMD   African Culture Through Music and Dance
  CTAFRI   African Studies
  CTAPSU   Appalachian Studies
  CTASIA   Asian Studies
  CTBINU   Bioinformatics
  CTCNST   Construction Management
  CTDIAB   Diabetes
   CTDIVU   Diversity Studies
  CTEAST   East Asian Studies
  CTECTO   Ecotourism
  CTENTR   Entrepreneurship
  CTENVS   Environmental Studies
  CTEURO   European Studies
  CTEXPE   Experimental Study of Language
  CTFIPL   Financial Planning
  CTFSCU   Food and Society
  CTFFSU   French and Francophone Studies
  CTGISU   Geographic Information Science
  CTGERO   Gerontology
  CTGLHL   Global Health
  CTGLCU   Global Leadership
  CTHRMU   Human Resource Management
  CTIBUS   International Business
  CTISLM   Islamic Studies
  CTITAL   Italian Studies
  CTJWST   Jewish Studies
  CTLAMS   Latin American Studies
  CTLJCU   Law, Justice, and Culture
  CTLSSC   Lean Six Sigma
  CTLSSM   Lean Six Sigma Methods
  CTWGSQ   LGBTQ Studies
  CTMENA   Middle East and North Africa Studies
  CTMUSE   Museum Studies
  CTPAHW   Performing Arts Health and Wellness
  CTPOLC   Political Communication
  CTPMCU   Project Management
  CTRUST   Russian Studies
  CTSALE   Sales
  CTSNLU   School Nurse
  CTSOME   Social Media
  CTSEAS   Southeast Asian Studies
  CTSPNU   Sports Nutrition
  CTLEAD   Strategic Leadership
  CTSCMU   Supply Chain Management
  CTTPMC   Technical Project Management
  CTTECH   Technology and Society
  CTWARU   War and Peace Studies
  CTWLTH   Wealth and Poverty
  CTWGSS   Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  CTWHSU   Workplace Health and Safety
  CTWRIT   Writing