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Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2023-24 
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2023-24

Adolescent-to-Young-Adult - ME

Master of Education in Adolescent-to-Young Adult

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Life Science – ME6861

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Earth/Space Science – ME6862

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Physical Science - Physics & Chemistry – ME6395

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Integrated Science – ME6869

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Integrated Language Arts – ME6866

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Integrated Mathematics – ME6867

  • Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Integrated Social Studies – ME6868

Department of Teacher Education
Patton Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

Delivery Mode: Athens Campus

Terms of Entry: Summer only

Terms of Entry Requiring Program Permission: None

Program Overview

The AYA program prepares subject-specific secondary teachers (grades 7-12) with licensure in Life Science, Earth/Space Science, Physical Science, Integrated Science, Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, or Integrated Social Studies.

The AYA program offers a research-based dynamic curriculum focusing on the development of professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Program faculty members bring expertise in their disciplines as well as experience working in K-12 schools. Faculty members are committed to student success and collaborate with colleagues in the College of Arts and Science and other stakeholders to ensure program rigor and responsiveness to state, local, and national initiatives. AYA program students enjoy the opportunity to become members in student chapters of disciplinary professional organizations.

A key feature of the AYA program is its yearlong clinical culminating in a professional internship and a Master’s research project. The AYA Master’s program can be completed in 3 academic terms if students (a) begin their program of study during the summer academic term, (b) follow a prescribed sequence of courses, and (c) submit official documentation demonstrating they have successfully passed the required content exam of the Ohio Assessment for Educators. Students who enter the program in fall or spring semester or who must meet additional content knowledge requirements may require more than three academic terms to successfully complete the Master’s program.

Program Learning Outcomes

The AYA program is designed to prepare beginning teachers, who develop:

  • A strong foundation in the subject matter and the ability to demonstrate the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline(s) they teach
  • An understanding of how children and youth learn, develop and engage with subject matter and with each other
  • Equitable and inclusive teaching and assessment practices that are responsive to diverse learners, communities, and a global society
  • The ability to work within and across a range of community and professional contexts
  • A disposition and skills to critically reflect on and learn from their practice
  • A strong sense of agency and the capacity to become leaders in their field

Opportunities for Graduates

AYA Master’s program students are eligible to apply for a teaching license in the State of Ohio once they successfully complete the courses listed on their program of study, the required Ohio Assessment for Educators licensure examinations, and the Professional Internship in Teaching. AYA program graduates enjoy careers teaching language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies in schools in Ohio and around the nation. Many additionally serve as curriculum specialists for their discipline.

Further Information

Link to Program:

Admission Requirements

Applicants whose qualifications satisfy all the following elements are reviewed for admission to the Master of Education in Adolescent-to-Young Adult program:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in an accredited program in a program related to the area of licensure
  2. GPA 3.0 or higher
  3. A passing score on the appropriate Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) content exam for their concentration:
  • Life Science – OAE 007 Biology
  • Earth/Space Science – OAE 014 Earth and Space Science
  • Physical Science – OAE 035 Physics
  • Integrated Science – OAE 024 Integrated Science
  • Integrated Language Arts – OAE 020 English Language Arts
  • Integrated Mathematics – OAE 027 Mathematics
  • Integrated Social Studies – OAE 025 Integrated Social Studies

The application requires a resume or CV, three letters of recommendation, a personal goal statement that addresses why the applicant wants to be a secondary teacher in their discipline, transcripts (undergraduate and graduate when applicable), and an academic or professional writing sample. Transfer credit may be considered.

International Students

This program is for the purpose of Ohio teaching licensure and is open only to students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. An I-20 may not be issued based on admission to this program.

Graduation Requirements

For all AYA programs except Integrated Language Arts, complete a minimum of 46 credit hours as specified. For Integrated Language Arts (ME6866), complete a minimum of 45 hours as specified.

Adolescent-to-Young-Adult Core

All AYA master’s degree students complete the following coursework:

Specialization Requirements

Complete the content specific pedagogy coursework for your area of certification as shown below:

Natural Science Specializations - ME6395, ME6861, ME6862, ME6868

These two courses are required for Physical Science - Physics & Chemistry; Life Science; Earth/Space Science; and Integrated Science.

Integrated Language Arts – ME6866

Complete one of the following courses:

Culminating Experience

The capstone experience consists of a teaching portfolio, an action research study, or a master’s thesis. Students must consult with their faculty advisor to determine the capstone experience that is most appropriate for their goals.