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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 [Archived Catalog]

Film Major (B.F.A.)

Major code BF5155

College of Fine Arts  
School of Film  
31 S. Court St.
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.1323

Justin Daering, contact person

Program Overview

The BFA in Film is a unique curriculum providing professional training in all major aspects of filmmaking alongside a solid foundation in film studies. The program prepares students to succeed in careers in the film and television industry, in professional areas utilizing time-based media (i.e., the web, advertising), and/or as independent artists. The focus of the program is to develop each student’s individual strengths as visual storytellers, creative voices, and critical media practitioners within the context of a rigorous liberal arts education. By encouraging students to master a wide range of tools as well as specific areas of knowledge and experience, the program aims to nurture filmmakers that will be ready, upon graduation, to work in a multifaceted and rapidly changing media world, while discovering and expressing their unique creative vision.

During the first two years, students receive an introduction to film as an art form, focusing on film history and film studies combined with an overview of basic filmmaking techniques and tools. Fiction, non-fiction, and experimental films and filmmaking practices are explored. In the final two years, students continue to engage with the film studies program while shifting their focus to filmmaking praxis. During this period, students also take part in specialization classes designed around professional practice. Utilizing a project-based approach to building creative portfolios, students earn a BFA with a concentration in filmmaking, directing, screenwriting, cinematography, post-production, or film studies. Students graduate with a strong combination of critical knowledge, filmmaking skills, and a polished portfolio of work.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

The requirements for admission to the BFA in Film include the submission of a portfolio of creative work containing films/videos, screenplays, and work from another medium.

Change of Program Policy

Admission to the BFA in Film program is by application, interview, and portfolio submission only. Upon successful admission, change of major paperwork should be initiated at the College of Fine Arts Deans Office.

External Transfer Admission

Admission to the BFA in Film program is by application, interview and portfolio submission only. It is rare to accept a transfer beyond the sophomore year. After acceptance to the University, program acceptance and placement will depend on the faculty’s assessment of the candidate’s potential to succeed. In most cases, transferring students should be prepared to expect to make up some of the foundation coursework in their programs. Upon successful admission, change of major paperwork should be initiated at the College of Fine Arts Dean’s Office.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

The preparation offered by the BFA in Film prepares students for a different constellation of career opportunities open to visual storytellers. The BFA in Film will train students in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from conceptualizing a story through the shooting and production work to editing, sound mixing and exhibition. The goal is to nurture well-rounded, creative, and skilled filmmakers able to enter careers across the spectrum of professional opportunities in cinema. In addition to having mastered the technical skills of filmmaking, the students will discover themselves as creators, crew-mates, and artists through the four years of the degree program.


Total Hours Required

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with major in film requires a minimum of 120 hours.

Universitywide Graduation Requirements

To complete this program, students must meet all Universitywide graduation requirements .

Film B.F.A. Requirements

Complete all courses with a minimum grade of C (2.0) and a 2.7 G.P.A. or better.

First-Year Core

Complete the following courses:

Second-Year Core

Complete the following courses:

Upper-Level Core

Complete the following courses:


Complete one concentration.

Filmmaking Concentration

Complete 18 hours.

Directing Concentration

Complete 18 hours.

Screenwriting Concentration

Complete 18 hours.

Cinematography Concentration

Complete 18 hours.

Postproduction Concentration

Complete 18 hours.

Film Studies Concentration

Complete 18 hours.

Additional Requirements

Complete one of the following film studies courses after sophomore year:

Complete 6 hours in AH, ART, DANC, IART, MUS, or THAR.