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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2021-22 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2021-22 [Archived Catalog]

Computer Science - MS

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Master of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science – MS7260

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
1 Ohio University
Stocker Center 329
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.1568

Delivery Mode: Athens Campus

Terms of Entry: Fall, Spring, Summer

Program Overview

Our mission is to educate computer science professionals to become leaders in industry, government, and university positions, who are committed to the highest standards of professional ethics, lifelong learning, and improving the human condition.

The program leads to a Master of Science degree in computer science. Students take graduate level work in computer science that builds a foundation for the discipline—the theory of computation, algorithm design, and operating systems. Students then take coursework that builds a depth of understanding of computer science. Students select from graduate courses in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computer graphics, computer networking, computational complexity, medical imaging, real-time systems, parallel computing, and software engineering. Students either complete 9 hours of research resulting in a master’s thesis or 3 hours of research resulting in a project report.

This is a full time program. Normative time to completion is 2 years.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will achieve mastery of graduate level concepts in mathematics and analysis related to Computer Science.
  • Students will demonstrate a mastery of graduate level technical writing.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to complete significant and advanced Computer Science projects.

Opportunities for Graduates

Students who complete the master’s degree in Computer Science take positions in industries that employ computer scientists: the internet industry (Google, Facebook, Amazon.com, etc.), the telecommunications industry (Verizon, Nortel), aerospace industry, and may other industries. Students with a master’s degree may choose to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.

Further Information

Link to Program: https://www.ohio.edu/engineering/eecs/academics/graduate/computer-science

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission should hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field (mathematics, software engineering, computer engineering) and should submit scores from the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) general test. (However, students who graduate from ABET accredited programs in engineering or computing programs are not required to submit GRE scores.)  Students must also provide three letters of recommendation. Students whose native language is not English must submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Admission and support (tuition scholarships, research and teaching assistantships) are competitive. Letters of recommendation, undergraduate transcripts, grade point average (GPA), GRE, and TOEFL scores are all considered when determining admission and financial support.

International Students

This program permits full-time enrollment in residence at Ohio University, and an I-20 may be issued based on admission to this program.

Graduation Requirements

The M.S. in Computer Science requires a minimum of 30 credit hours. Students must complete the requirements for the Thesis option or the Non-Thesis option.

Thesis Option Requirements

Students fulfilling degree requirements by completing a written thesis must complete at least four courses (min. 12 hours) of elective courses from the list below. With approval, other Electrical Engineering courses related to computing may be used to fulfill this requirement. All four elective courses must be at the 6000-level or higher.

Thesis students must also complete a minimum of 9 thesis hours in CS 6950.

Culminating Experience

Students must successfully complete and defend a thesis.

Non-Thesis Option Requirements

Students fulfilling degree requirements by completing a non-thesis project must complete at least six courses (min. 18 hours) of elective courses. At least five of these must from the list of electives below, of which at least four must be at the 6000-level or higher.

With approval, other Electrical Engineering courses related to computing may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Non-Thesis students must also complete a minimum of 3 hours of research in CS 6940.

Culminating Experience

Students must complete a project report of their work that meets the approval of their graduate committee.

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