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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2019-20 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2019-20 [Archived Catalog]

Civil Engineering - MS (Online)

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Degree Title and Name:  Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Program Name and Number:  Civil Engineering (Online Program) – MS7271

Department/Unit:  Civil Engineering

Delivery Mode:  Online

Term(s) of Entry:  Fall, Spring, Summer

Program Overview:  The Civil Engineering Department offers an online Master of Science degree program with focus areas of construction engineering and management, environmental engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. The mission of the M.S. Program is to prepare graduates to successfully apply the principles of Civil Engineering. The M.S. program is designed to prepare graduates for a higher level of professional ability through coursework and practical class projects. Graduates will be prepared to enter or continue professional practice in their recognized specialty. This is a part-time program. Normative time to completion is five semesters.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Advance their knowledge base beyond the undergraduate level, particularly in their chosen specialty
  • Design systems under various constraints for one or more areas of technical specialization
  • Develop leadership skills necessary to assume progressively more responsible roles in their profession
  • Exhibit effective communication skills necessary to interact in a diverse professional environment
  • Employ modern engineering and computational tools

Opportunities for Graduates:  Because of the broad nature of civil engineering, a wide range of career paths is available to graduates of the online M.S. program. For example, some graduates can work for private firms as environmental, structural, or transportation engineers. Some graduates may be hired by construction contractors as construction management professionals. Others may find opportunities in government agencies to work as transportation or environmental engineers.

Link to Program:  https://onlinemasters.ohio.eu/lpap-msce/?Access_Code=OU-MSCE-SEO2&utm_campaign=OU-MSCE-SEO2


Graduation Requirements:  Students in the online program must choose a focus area of either construction engineering management, environmental, structural, or transportation. Students must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours including course work required of all students and coursework in the student’s focus area. After consulting with the online Program Director, courses may be substituted from another Civil Engineering focus area if they contribute to the student’s educational goals. Up to two courses from outside Ohio University may be transferred into the program, if they satisfy Graduate College and Engineering College requirements and are approved by the online Program Director.

Courses required of all students:

  • EMGT 6010 - Engineering Writing (3 hr)
  • EMGT 6300 - Project Management (4 hr)
  • CE 6915 - Civil Engineering Seminar (1 hr)
  • CE 6000 - Applied Statistics for Civil Engineers (3 hr)
  • CE 5170 - Construction Planning and Scheduling (3 hr)

Courses required in Construction Engineering and Management focus area: 

  • CE 5160 - Construction Estimating and Equipment (3 hr)
  • CE 5190 - Project Development, Contracts, and Law (3 hr)
  • CE 5830 - Principles of Pavement Design (3 hr)
  • CE 6150 - Heavy Construction Management (3 hr)
  • CE 6610 - Environmental Analysis of Transportation Systems (3 hr)
  • CE 6620 - Transportation System Design (3 hr)

Courses required in Environmental Engineering focus area: 

  • CE 5430 - Open Channel Hydraulics (3 hr)
  • CE 5510 - In Situ Remediation (3 hr)
  • CE 6500 - Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment (3 hr)
  • CE 6550 - Advanced Water Treatment (3 hr)
  • CE 6560 - Advanced Wastewater Treatment (3 hr)
  • CE 6610 - Environmental Analysis of Transportation Systems

Courses required in Structural Engineering focus area: 

  • CE 5350 - Advanced Steel Design (3 hr)
  • CE 5370 - Timber Design (3 hr)
  • CE 5380 - Prestressed Concrete Design (3 hr)
  • CE 5390 - Computer Aided Structural Design (3 hr)
  • CE 6310 - Structural Reliability (3 hr)
  • CE 6340 - Bridge Engineering (3 hr)

Courses required in Transportation Engineering focus area: 

  • CE 5830 - Principles of Pavement Design (3 hr)
  • CE 6610 - Environmental Analysis of Transportation Systems (3 hr)
  • CE 6620 - Transportation System Design I (3 hr)
  • CE 6630 - Highway Safety and Risk Assessment (3 hr)
  • CE 6650 - Traffic Impact Studies (3 hr)
  • CE 6670 - Traffic Parameters (3 hr)

 Other requirements for the degree include: 

  • No grade less than a C (2.0) is acceptable in any course used to satisfy any graduate requirement, and a GPA of 3.0 must be maintained by the student at all times. 
  • No more than six years can be taken to complete the requirements of the M.S. degree program.

Culminating Experience:  In the online program, a culminating experience is provided through semester long design projects associated with core classes in each of the focus areas in which a final report is required.

Admission Requirements:  A B.S. in engineering or a related area is a basic requirement for entrance to the online M.S. program. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is normally required for admittance. Students with a GPA below 3.0 may be considered, if additional evidence of achievement is provided such as P.E. licensure. Students who are not native speakers of English must meet the university’s English proficiency requirement before starting the graduate program in Civil Engineering. TOEFL score, transcripts from all previously attended universities, a resume, a letter of purpose, and at least three letters of reference must be submitted by the applicant for review by the Department Graduate Committee. A majority vote of the Department Graduate Committee will determine whether the applicant will be admitted or denied admission. 

International Students:  This program does not permit full-time enrollment in residence at Ohio University, and an I-20 cannot be issued based on admission to this program. Enrollment in the resident M.S. in Civil Engineering program (MS7252), however, does support a student visa.

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