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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2019-20 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2019-20 [Archived Catalog]

Transition to Work Certificate

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Certificate Title:  Transition to Work Certificate

Certificate Name and Number:  Transition to Work – CTTTWG

Department(s)/Unit(s):  Department of Teacher Education/Special Education Program

Delivery Mode:  Online

Terms of Entry:  Fall, Spring, Summer

Enrollment Eligibility:  Non-degree status

Certificate Overview:  The mission of the Transition to Work program is to improve educational and life outcomes of adolescents and adults with disabilities through the effective preparation of educators and related service providers to support and guide students with disabilities to prepare for their transition from high school to college, careers, and community membership. This is a part-time program. Individuals complete one, seven-week course at a time and complete the program in one year.

Certificate Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify appropriate occupational alternatives for youth and adults with disabilities
  • Develop individual transition planning to bridge the gap between school and the world of work for students with disabilities
  • Identify and plan for the development of adult daily living skills essential to the survival of persons with developmental disabilities residing within the community
  • Develop a plan for continued professional growth, performance, and involvement as a transition specialist
  • Advocate for transition program and policy changes to improve transition services
  • Plan for the unique problems of personal, social, and vocational adjustment experienced by exceptional persons
  • Locate, access, and use vocational guidance and evaluation data for planning
  • Collaborate with students, parents, other educators, administrators, and the community to support transition of students with disabilities
  • Use inquiry and knowledge of the professional literature to facilitate the continuous improvement of transition programs, supports, and services at the classroom, school, and system levels for students with disabilities

Opportunities upon Completion:  This certificate allows currently licensed intervention specialists or career and technical educators to apply for the state of Ohio’s Transition to Work Endorsement. With the Transition To Work Endorsement, educators can be hired as transition specialists/coordinators, vocational special education coordinators, work-study coordinators, career assessment specialists, or job training coordinators. Career assessment specialists and job training coordinators are required to hold the Transition to Work Endorsement. Educators with a Transition to Work Endorsement are eligible to provide services to students with disabilities beginning in fourth grade through exiting high school. Educators completing the certificate program who do not meet the licensure requirements to apply for the Transition to Work Endorsement may receive Ohio University’s Transition to Work certificate and use the information to improve their current practice working with adolescents and adults with disabilities.

Completion Requirements: Successful completion of nine to twelve hours of transition-related coursework with a grade of a C or better. The following three, 3-credit hour courses are required for all individuals: (1) EDSP 5721: Transition Assessment and Instruction for Students with Disabilities; (2) EDSP 5722: Professional Competencies in the Transition of Students with Disabilities; and (3) EDSP 5723: Career Development: Research and Theory. If individuals have not completed EDSP 5720: Career Development and Transition Planning for Individuals with Disabilities within the past five years, this course is also required. In addition to this coursework, individuals must complete 50 hours of fieldwork working to promote the successful transition of adolescents and adults with disabilities.

Certificate Relationship to Parent Degree Program:  The parent program of this graduate certificate is a Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Mild-Moderate Intervention Specialist (program code ME6236) or Moderate-Intensive Intervention Specialist (program code ME6237). Neither enrollment in nor completion of the master’s degree is required to complete the certificate, but completion of this certificate does fulfill one of the courses toward completion of the master’s degree. EDSP 5720: Career Development and Transition Planning for Individuals with Disabilities can be used toward fulfillment of the master’s degree requirements.

Admission Requirements:  Overall 3.0 GPA from most recent degree program; brief statement of professional goals, and one letter of recommendation

International Students: This certificate program does not permit full-time enrollment in residence at Ohio University, and an I-20 cannot be issued based on admission to this program.

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