Jun 06, 2023  
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2019-20 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2019-20 [Archived Catalog]

African Community Health Services Certificate

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This program is not accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Certificate Name and Number:  African Community Health Services Certificate – CTACHG

Department/Unit:  Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Delivery Mode:  Athens Campus

Enrollment Eligibility:  Current degree-seeking or non-degree status

Certificate Overview:  The African Community Health (ACH) Services Graduate Certificate Program is designed to help students develop their abilities in career building, sharpen skills in community health and in the delivery of health-care services to African regions, and extend their understanding and ability to address African health issues and challenges. Typical completion time is three semesters (if working towards a master’s degree) or two semesters if non-degree status.

Completion Requirements:  This program requires a minimum of 18 semester credit hours. Upon applying for conferral, you must contact the certificate coordinator for verification of completion and the awarding of the certificate.

Complete at least 18 hours from the following courses.

Required Courses (9 hrs minimum)

Part 1: Complete the two courses below.

  • HLTH 6150: Maternal and Child Health in Africa (3)
  • HLTH 6170: HIV/AIDS in Africa (3)

Part 2: Select at least one of the courses below.

  • HLTH 6100 - Evaluation and Quality Improvement in Health Care (3)
  • HLTH 6240 - Community Health Programs (3)

Other Required Courses: Select at least one from each Group below (min. 9 hours)

Group 1: Select at least one of the courses below.

  • GEOG 5310 - Geography of Africa (4)
  • BIOS 5440 - Tropical Disease Biology (3)

Group 2: Select at least one of the courses below.

  • HLTH 6480 - Ethical Issues in Health Care (3)
  • HLTH 6770 - Grant and Proposal Writing in Public Health (3)
  • ANTH 5550 - Medical Anthropology (4)
  • GEOG 6310 - Seminar in Regional Geography: Africa (4)

Group 3: Select at least one of the courses below.

  • HLTH 5120 - Global Health Programming (3)
  • HLTH 6070 - Health Promotion and Health Behavior (3)
  • HLTH 6140 - Rural Health Disparities (3)
  • HLTH 6160 - Health Care and People of Africa (3)
  • HLTH 6921/IHS 6921 - Practicum (1-5)

Financial Aid Eligibility Information:

  • Non-degree-seeking students enrolled in this certificate are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Current degree-seeking students may use federal financial aid only for 1) coursework fulfilling requirements of their degree, including required elective hours, or 2) coursework toward a second financial aid-eligible program.
  • Students receiving federal financial aid may not take courses for this certificate unless they are also enrolled full-time (9 hours) in their degree program during the same academic term. Financial aid may be used for courses that count toward both degree requirements and the certificate.

Admission Requirements:

The ACH Services Certificate program will accept students in two categories: (1) those who have been admitted to an advanced-degree program at Ohio University and (2) those who possess a bachelor’s or advanced degree but are not currently in a degree program at Ohio University.

  1. Students who have already been admitted to an advanced degree program at Ohio University (degree-seeking graduate students) need to complete an Application for Update of Graduate Academic Program. This application can be obtained online or in-person from the Graduate College. The completed application, including the signature of an advisor and the certificate/program coordinator, should be submitted to the Graduate College office at Ohio University.
  2. To apply for the ACH Services Certificate program as a non-degree student, you must submit an application, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score, post-secondary transcripts, an essay on career goals and objectives, a resume, and three letters of recommendation and submit to this package to the Graduate College.

International Students: This program permits full-time enrollment in residence at Ohio University, and an I-20 may be issued based on admission to this program.

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