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Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2017-19 
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2017-19 [Archived Catalog]

Development Studies Certificate

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Certificate Name and Number: Development Practice - CTDVPG

Department/Unit: Center for International Studies

Certificate Mission: The graduate certificate program in Development Practice is to provide students with a basic background in the three essential components of development – theory, application, and practice. The certificate is intended to compliment a major course of study and better prepare students for work in international development as practitioners.

Delivery Mode: Athens Campus

Certificate Overview:  The graduate certificate program in Development Practice prepares students to apply their expertise in a range of international development activities. The program offers a combination of in-depth understanding of the conceptual foundations of international development studies and relevant skills for engagement in applied development work. The program of study links theory and practice through its distribution of theory, applications, and internship requirements. The program is intended to complement a major course of study and better prepare students for work as practitioners in relevant government, development, and aid agencies.

Opportunities upon Completion: Students who enroll in this program will be in a position to explore a variety of opportunities ranging from employment with government and nongovernmental organizations, to applied research, to pursuing other specialized training areas in development.

Graduation Requirements:

This program requires a minimum of 20 semester credit hours. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to develop proficiency in the conceptual frameworks of international development and to develop more targeted proficiencies in areas of professional and/or research interest. The curricular components are:

  • Development Theory : Students should complete one development theory course.
    • GEOG 5450: Gender, Environment, and Development (4.0HR)
    • GEOG 6420: Seminar in Development: Theories of Development (4.0HR)
    • GEOG 6410: Seminar in Development: Environment and Development (4.0HR)
    • GEOG 6430: Seminar in Development: Gender and Development (4.0HR)
  • Development Applications - Students should complete two courses focused on development applications in health, environment, gender, education, or new technologies (including courses in development-related research methods). The courses must be agreed upon with the chair of the certificate program.
    • HLTH 5120: International Health Programming (3.0HR)
    • MPA 5890: Non-profit Management (3.0HR)
    • POLS 5560: International Organization (3.0HR)
    • HLTH 6150: Maternal and Child Health in Africa (3.0HR)
    • HLTH 6100: Evaluation and Quality Improvement in Health Care (3.0HR)
    • HLTH 6040: Research and Quantitative Methods for Health Services (3.0HR)
    • HLTH 6170: HIV/AIDS in Africa (3.0HR)
    • HLTH 6240: Community Health Programs (3.0HR)
    • ES 5250: Watershed Management (3.0HR)
    • ES 6830: Concepts in Environmental Sustainability (3.0HR)
    • COMS 6230: Gender and Communication (4.0HR)
    • ANTH 5450: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3.0HR)
    • INST 5915: Special Topics in International Development Studies: Development Practice (4.0HR)
    • INST 5916: Special Topics in International Development Studies: Health and International Development (4.0HR)
    • INST 5917: Special Topics in International Development Studies (4.0HR)
  • Internship/Field Experience - Program participants are required to pursue an internship experience with a relevant government agency or non-governmental organization. The internship offer substantial professional experience relevant to the participants¿ applied development interests.
    • INST 6910: Internship (1.0-15.0HR)

Admission Requirements: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

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