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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 [Archived Catalog]

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Major code CTENTR

College of Business
Copeland Hall 401
Athens, OH 45701
Phone:  740.593.2060

Paul Mass, contact person

Program Overview

The objective of the certificate program in entrepreneurship is to expose non-Bachelor’s in Business Administration (non-BBA) students to entrepreneurship and to cultivate an “entrepreneurial mindset” within these students. A primary focus of the program is allowing the student to tailor the program to their individual program of study.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

Students wishing to pursue the Entrepreneurship Certificate must complete the program admissions process described under “Change of Program Policy.”

Change of Program Policy

Criteria for admission into the Entrepreneurship Certificate program include:

  1. Submission to the Management Department office of a completed application form;
  2. Submission to the Management Department office of a copy of the applicant’s most recent DARS report;
  3. Submission to the Management Department office of the applicant’s resume demonstrating the characteristics that support the students interest in entrepreneurship, for example, an above-average GPA, strong work ethic, previous entrepreneurship experience, prior leadership positions, etc.; and
  4. Completion by the applicant of a panel interview, if requested, with entrepreneurship faculty.

Application forms may be picked up from the Management Department office. Admission to the certificate program is expected to be competitive. Admission cannot be guaranteed to all students meeting the admission criteria. The Entrepreneurship Certificate program will admit students up to its enrollment ceiling, and students judged to have the highest probability of success will be admitted. Members of groups historically underrepresented in business will receive special consideration. Each semester those accepted into the Entrepreneurship Certificate program will have their progress tracked by DARS. An overall G.P.A. of 2.50 in certificate courses is required. The Entrepreneurship Certificate will be awarded only to students who have been accepted into the program and who have fulfilled all certificate requirements. Students will need to consult the Management Department office before the deadline for graduation to ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled and the certificate will be awarded.

External Transfer Admission

Students wishing to pursue the Entrepreneurship Certificate must complete the program admissions process described under “Change of Program Policy.”

Opportunities Upon Graduation

While the certificate program is not intended to prepare students for career entry, it is intended to provide students who have entrepreneurial ambitions with the tools that will assist them to be successful if they choose to start a business based on their other curricular or non-curricular interests.



Certificate Hours Requirement

The Entrepreneurship Certificate program requires a minimum of 15 hours to complete.

Required Entrepreneurship Courses

Complete one of the following courses:

Complete the following course:


Complete two three-semester hour electives from the following list or from the approved electives list maintained by the director of academic programs in entrepreneurship.

Applied Experience

Complete an applied entrepreneurial consulting project or develop a business plan.

Non-BBA Student

The Entrepreneurship Certificate program is intended only for students who are not enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration degree program.