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Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2013-2015 
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2013-2015 [Archived Catalog]

Journalism (M.S.)

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The E. W. Scripps School of Journalism offers a Master of Science degree.

Admission is based on your academic and professional background. To assist the school in evaluating your qualifications, you must submit your scores on the Graduate Records Examination and official transcripts to the Graduate College. Submit directly to the E. W. School of Journalism a resume, three letters of recommendation, and a statement of 500 words or less about why you want to attend graduate school.  International students from non-English speaking countries are required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. You need not have an undergraduate major in journalism. International students should apply as early as possible.

The master’s program is designed to provide opportunities to study professional journalism or prepare for further academic work. Required coursework in both areas is a blend of professionally oriented classes with mass communication principles, theory, and research. The flexibility of the program allows professionally oriented students to study news and information communication in multiplatforms, such as print, broadcast, and online and strategic communication, including advertising and public relations fields.

The master’s program requires 35 hours and typically takes 12 months to complete. Required courses are the following:

Core:  JOUR 5010, 5020, 8030, 8060, 5100, and (7200 or 8130)
(5100 and 7200 may be waived if taken in the last five years.)

Advanced Research Techniques and Topics Seminars requirement:  Three 7000- or 8000-level classes with at least one class selected from each group. Certain 8000-level MDIA classes may fulfill the requirement with approval of the graduate director. 7200, if taken, may count as a Topics Seminar class.

Advanced Research Techniques: JOUR 8080, 8110, 8160, 8210, 8900
Topics Seminars: JOUR 7200, 7900, 8130, 8140, 8150, 8300, 8660, 8710

Electives: Minimum of 4 credits. Any graduate-level class or classes required to meet the 35-hour program requirement, including the capstone.

Capstone (choose one): A thesis, involving a carefully designed research project conducted in the traditional academic format; a professional project of publishable quality; or a readings option (a 1-credit course plus 8 hours of 8000-level journalism coursework in addition to above requirements).

In addition, you are required to take undergraduate reporting/writing and editing/graphics coursework if you have not previously taken such courses.  Credit toward the required 35 hours cannot be earned for these courses.

Some required courses may be waived if you present evidence that you have completed equivalent coursework or have equivalent professional experience. If required courses are waived, you must take the other graduate courses to meet the required 35-hour program requirement.

You are required to maintain an accumulative GPA of al least 3.0 Only graduate credits with a grade of B- or above will count toward a degree.

Journalism Courses

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