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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08 [Archived Catalog]

Advertising Management Major (B.S.J.)

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Major code BJ6932

Curricula and Requirements

The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication includes among its accrediting standards the following provision: three-fourths of the student’s program should consist of courses in the liberal arts and sciences and one-fourth in professional courses in journalism.

Journalism students at Ohio University meet the above provision by fulfilling two sets of requirements: general, which are followed by all students, and specialized, which are chosen by the student with the guidance of an advisor.

General Requirements

  • Political Science (2 qtrs)
  • Sociology and/or Anthropology (2 qtrs)
  • Economics (2 qtrs)
  • Psychology (1 qtr) (except PSY 120)
  • History (2 qtrs)
  • English (2 qtrs)
  • Statistics (1 qtr) (from approved school list)
  • Philosophy (2 qtrs) (one must be PHIL 120 or 320)
  • Foreign Language (3 qtrs basic sequence or 1 qtr advanced)
  • Science (1 qtr of natural science and 1 qtr of applied science)
  • Interdisciplinary Arts/Fine Arts (nonperformance courses) (1 qtr)
  • African American or Women’s Studies (1 qtr)
  • Speech (1 qtr) COMS 103

Specialization Area

The specialization area must be approved by an advisor. Students may choose one of three options:

  1. A minimum of 32 hours in a single department within the College of Arts and Sciences.
  2. A minimum of 16 hours in one Arts and Sciences department and 16 hours in any other one department (or an advisor-approved collection of related courses).
  3. A minimum of 20 hours in one Arts and Sciences department and 12 hours in any one other department (or an advisor-approved collection of related courses).

Any courses defined as professional cannot be used as specialization courses.

Additional non-journalism courses are required in some sequences. No course may be counted in more than one type of requirement. For example, a course used to meet a general requirement may not be applied to a sequence or specialization area requirement as well.

Hours Requirement

To assure the liberal emphasis of the overall program, the nonprofessional content of the B.S.J. must be a minimum of 128 quarter hours of the 192 required for the degree. Minimum professional hours required is 45 quarter hours, maximum of 64 quarter hours. Professional hours are defined as credits in journalism, visual communication, telecommunications, or photography. Nonjournalism courses required in sequences may be counted as nonprofessional hours.


  1. To remain active in the B.S.J. program, you must earn at least a C in all core courses.
  2. No course may be retaken more than twice.

Journalism Core

All journalism majors complete a basic 26-hour core of seven courses. A grade of C or better is required in all core courses.

In addition, complete:

Advisor-approved internship.

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