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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2010-12 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2010-12 [Archived Catalog]

Child Development Major (A.A.S.)

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Major code AA1106

The Department of Teacher Education offers an Associate in Applied Science in child development on the Athens, Lancaster, and Southern campuses. The program meets the requirements for prekindergarten associate teacher licensure in Ohio. To be eligible for licensure you must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. If you plan to pursue licensure in Early Childhood Education, you must maintain a 2.75 GPA. Consult with the director of Teacher Education in Athens, or the director of child development at either the Lancaster or Southern campus for additional information, including employment opportunities and continuation into the baccalaureate degree program.

Note: the EDEC 366, Practicum in Early Childhood Education, experience is not equivalent to the EDEC 474, Student Teaching in Early Childhood, and EDEC 400, Senior Seminar, teaching experience. Therefore, EDEC 366 will not be substituted for these classes. If you plan on continuing with the bachelor’s degree program, consult with your advisor.

General Education Requirements: 41–42 hours

Tier I


Freshman Composition

  Credit Hours: 5
Tier I   Quantitative Skills
(MATH 120 recomm.)

Credit Hours: 4–5

Tier II   Breadth of Knowledge   Credit Hours: 32





Note: HCCF 160 and HCFN 128 count toward the 30 hours for Tier II.

Minimum required for graduation: 96

Internship, Practica, Field Experience, Senior Internship Registration Requirements

Generally, the policy on internships, practica, field experiences, and senior internship requires registration for the experience in the quarter(s) that the requirements for the course are actually fulfilled. The only exception to this requirement is an experience that takes place over winter break, in which case registration for the course may occur during either fall or winter quarter. Be sure to work closely with your adviser/program coordinator to ensure proper registration and fulfillment.

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