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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Environmental Sustainability: Graduate Certificate

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Sustainability is a concept that is applicable across many disciplines including environmental studies, business, economics, engineering, chemistry, geography, sociology, anthropology, political science, and biological sciences. The need for graduate studies in sustainability is based on numerous global issues including: 1) the pressure to address energy consumption issues, including alternative fuels; 2) the need for societal awareness of the environmental impacts of personal consumer choices; 3) new business models that are incorporating environmental auditing in management and production decisions; and 4) the emergence of new approaches to land use planning and construction that includes green building design to reduce adverse environmental and health effects of housing.

This certificate program offers non-Environmental Studies majors the necessary multidisciplinary skills and global awareness needed to understand the broader impacts of personal consumer choices on the environment. The certificate will expose graduate students from many disciplines to the economic, societal, and environmental effects of consumer choice and enhance the graduate degree of the student by incorporating problem-solving and critical thinking skills into the certificate program. The certificate also will allow students to improve their understanding of basic concepts of sustainability as they relate to their specific degree program and provide opportunities for working professionals (i.e. teachers and business leaders) to enhance their professional careers.
Students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program can add the certificate by completing an Application for Update of Programs available at the Graduate Studies office. Students not currently enrolled in a graduate degree program must complete a non-degree application as described in the Graduate Catalog.

The basis of the certificate program is to address a comprehensive study of environmental sustainability including the four areas of: 1) economy, 2) society, 3) environment and 4) technology. Students will be required to take 5 classes to complete the certificate; the total number of credit hours for the certificate will be 20-24. To accomplish this, the certificate curriculum will use a combination of existing and new courses.

Required Courses

Students are required to complete Concepts in Environmental Sustainability and Leadership (ES 560) and at least two (2) credit hours of Environmental Studies Internship (ES 692). Students select the remaining courses from each of four categories, for a total of four (4) additional courses.
Electives must be taken from each of the following categories.



Take one from each category.

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