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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Communication Studies

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For the most up-to-date information on our graduate program, visit the website for our doctoral program at http://www.coms.ohiou.edu or for our master’s program at http://www.comsma.ohio.edu.

The School of Communication Studies expects its graduates to develop a specialist’s depth in the study of human communication as well as a generalist’s perspective.  All students complete a common set of core courses and then proceed to take specialized courses relevant to their professional objectives.  The School offers two graduate degrees: The Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy.

Master’s Program

The Master of Arts in Organizational Communication offered by the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University is intended for working students who are seeking an advanced academic degree that focuses on the critical examination and understanding of the role of communication within the processes of organizing, decision making, and problem solving. Faculty members involved in this program are recognized for their excellence as teachers, scholars, and program administrators.

The courses that compose the program are designed in a manner that combines face-to-face meetings with web-based approaches. Each course will begin and conclude with a face-to-face session hosted at Ohio University’s Pickerington Center.  Depending on course content, some classes will be offered primarily on the weekends utilizing on-site class meetings, while other courses will incorporate distance learning for class discussions, group projects, and other course components, allowing students to complete the bulk of the course from home.  The program is designed in such a way that a student can, potentially, complete all requirements for the Master’s degree in approximately two years.

To apply, students must submit an application to the Graduate College and arrange for transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, a current resume and a goals statement to be sent to the program administrator.  For priority consideration, all application processes should be completed by May 1st.  Applicants for the MA program should begin the application process by visiting http://www.comsma.ohio.edu/. 

To obtain the Master of Arts in Organizational Communication, students must take three required courses: COMS 600, Introduction to Graduate Studies; COMS 630, Communication in Organizations; and either COMS 501, Field Research Methods OR COMS 601, Measurement Methodology in Communication.  Students will complete coursework requirements by taking five additional elective courses (25 graduate course hours) approved by the program administrator.  All students must complete a capstone experience by passing a comprehensive examination, completing a professional project, or writing a Thesis.  Students must complete a minimum of 45 hours, including thesis hours, to obtain the MA.

Doctoral Program

The School offers the Ph.D. degree with primary areas of study in rhetoric and public culture, health communication, and relating and organizing. Students select their primary and related areas of study in consultation with their program of study committee and with permission of the School’s graduate committee. Admission to graduate study is granted on the basis of a match between the student’s academic goals and the School’s primary areas of study, recommendations of those familiar with the student’s academic and other work, undergraduate and graduate grade-point average and class standing, scores on the Graduate Record Examination, submitted writing sample, and experiential and other informal learning experiences. International students from non-English speaking countries are required to submit a TOEFL score.

To be admitted unconditionally, you must have received a bachelor’s and a master’s degree or completed equivalent work (as approved by the University) at an accredited institution.

Students holding a BA degree from an accredited institution and who show extraordinary potential as a graduate student can apply for direct admission to our doctoral program following normal admission procedures.  Those admitted will receive the MA degree while progressing through the doctoral program requirements.  The MA is automatically awarded upon successful completion of the preliminary examination and two years of coursework.  Direct to Doctorate students may be required to take additional coursework if the student’s program of study committee determines that such coursework is necessary to prepare for the Ph.D.

All Ph.D. students are required to take COMS 700 A-C, Professional Seminar in Communication Studies; COMS 705-706, Integrated Theory in Communication Studies; COMS 711-712, Research Design and Analysis; COMS 731, Introduction to Relating and Organizing; COMS 741, Introduction to Rhetoric and Public Culture; and, COMS 751, Introduction to Health Communication.

The Program of Study for the Doctor of Philosophy in COMS requires 148 quarter hours of nondissertation credit.  To receive the degree students must have an approved program of study, successfully complete the preliminary examination, create a scholarly portfolio, and successfully complete the dissertation. This entire process is expected to take approximately four years for most students.

A maximum of 16 quarter hours of post-master’s degree graduate credit with B or better grades may be accepted by transfer from approved institutions that offer post-master’s (doctoral-level) work. Transfer work may not be more than five years old and must be acceptable to the student’s advisor and advisory committee, the school’s graduate committee, and approved by the Graduate College. The student’s advisory committee will have sole discretion on how transferred courses are applied to the students’ program of study. At least 48 quarter hours of doctoral credit must be earned on the Ohio University campus.

Applications for admission are reviewed during January, February, and March. For an application to receive priority treatment (i.e., to be among the files receiving initial consideration with respect to both entry and financial assistance), the file should be complete no later than February 1. International applicants are strongly urged to send all materials in by December 15, as their applications take longer to process. Applications received after February 1 are at a significant disadvantage in the evaluation process.

Students with a strong background in communication studies or related disciplines are eligible to be selected as graduate assistants. Graduate assistants serve as instructors in basic courses, assist in teaching advanced courses, help with the forensics program, and/or assist faculty with various administrative and scholarly projects. International students applying for assistantships must demonstrate proficiency in spoken English before being allowed to teach; those who cannot demonstrate proficiency through testing or successful completion of university-approved coursework may be ineligible for continued funding from the School.

Admission is typically granted for the fall quarter. Students wishing to begin studies at a different point during the academic year must petition the Graduate Committee for permission.


Communication Studies Courses

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