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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 [Archived Catalog]

German Major (B.S.Ed.)

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Major Code BS6233

Regardless of the college of the University from which you graduate, to be licensed through Ohio University to teach one of the modern foreign languages you must complete the following program and earn passing scores on the Praxis II exams. This program prepares you for licensure to teach French, German, or Spanish in grades Pre-K–12. Spanish majors will be required to pass an oral proficiency examination in the major before licensure.

You should meet regularly with faculty members in the Department of Modern Languages.

Adolescent-young adult education professional and General Education requirements must be completed.

Multi-Age Requirement

Admission to professional education requires a grade of C or better in a Tier I math course, a Tier I English course, and the following courses:

Student Teaching

These three courses are taken concurrently and constitute the student teaching requirement. Apply for student teaching by December 1 of the year prior to the year you plan to student teach.

Required General Education Courses

In addition to the following program requirements, you must complete Ohio University’s General Education requirements. Consult with your advisor to plan a course of study that will meet both sets of requirements.

You must meet departmental prerequisites for all classes if you are seeking licensure. For example, you must take and pass PSY 101 with a minimum grade of C before taking any 200-level education course.

If the courses in each field do not add up to a total of 45 hours, you must select sufficient hours in one or a combination of the following areas to bring the total hours in general education courses to 45 hours.

If your major is the same as one of the areas below, 10 hours of the major may be counted toward the corresponding general education field, as well as the major. For example, if your major is integrated language arts, 10 hours of English may count toward the 45-hour total of general education courses and toward the English and Speech requirement.

No more than six hours of PED activity courses may be counted toward the degree, and none may count toward general education.

Science and Mathematics

You are required to complete at least one course in science and one course in mathematics. Appropriate science courses are astronomy, chemistry, physics, plant biology, biological sciences, physical science, geological sciences, and PSY 226, 312, and 314. Any course in the Department of Mathematics, except 101, 102, and 320L, is acceptable for the mathematics requirement. Also, Tier I quantitative skills courses count toward the mathematics requirement. Computer science courses do not satisfy the requirement.

Interdisciplinary Arts and/or Philosophy

You are required to complete at least two courses in this area. The two courses need not be in one field. Possibilities include any courses in the Department of Philosophy (except 120) or the School of Interdisciplinary Arts; HUM 107, 108, 109, 307, 308, and 309; theater history courses; art history courses; art courses (except ART 360, 461, 461L, 462); and School of Music courses (except for music education courses, music therapy courses, and one- or two-hour participation courses).

Social Sciences

You are required to complete at least two courses in social sciences. The two courses need not be in the same field. PSY 101, which is required, is included as one of the social sciences courses. Other possibilities include any course in anthropology, economics, history, political science, sociology, social work, geography, and psychology (except PSY 120, 226, 275, 312, and 314).

English and Speech

You are required to complete at least three courses in English and speech. Freshman and junior English composition are required courses taken to satisfy the University English composition requirement (see Graduation Requirements - Universitywide section) and will be used toward completion of these hours.

Major Requirements—German: 68

Complete the following courses and subrequirements, as well as 12 additional hours at the 400 level or above:

Select one of the following:

Additional Requirements

56 hours are required for students who place into 211; 44 hours are required for students who place into 341.

Study abroad is highly recommended.

Students are required to pass an Oral Proficiency Exam (OPI) at Advanced Low level.

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