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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Individual Interdisciplinary Programs

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Office of Graduate Studies
McKee House


Admission to the IIP program is currently suspended, effective January 2007.

Prospective graduate students with demonstrated ability and intellectual maturity may apply for admis­sion into the Individual Inter­dis­ciplinary Program (IIP) at either the master’s or doctoral level. Entry into the program requires unconditional admis­sion to graduate study. You should have achieved at least a 3.3 under­graduate GPA to pursue a master’s degree in IIP, and/or a 3.6 graduate GPA to pursue the Ph.D. degree in IIP. You may also have to provide official test scores such as GRE, GMAT, or MAT. The IIP requires that you, with the as­sis­tance of your advisory committee, develop a program of study that includes a minimum of three emphasis areas, each in a differ­ent department or school. At least two of the departments or schools must offer graduate degrees at the degree level sought.

At the master’s lev­el, the minimum requirements include 15 hours of course credit in each area of emphasis, plus a final project (thesis, performance, etc.) acceptable to your advisory committee. The credit hours required for the final project will be determined by the committee. You will be required to meet the minimum requirements of the assigned college for the master’s degree.

At the Ph.D. level, no fixed minimum of course credit is imposed beyond that associated with the residency requirement (three consecutive quarters in a full-time equiv­alent status); howev­er, a practical minimum is 135 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree or 90 beyond the master’s degree. You are required to meet the minimum requirements of the assigned college for the doctoral degree.

The IIP is administered through the Office of Graduate Studies; address inquiries to the director of the Individual Interdisciplinary Program at that office. Upon receipt of the inquiry, the office will send the appropriate application forms to you. An application packet includes the standard application forms, three letters of recommendation, two official transcripts from each postsecondary school attended, and the application fee. Official test scores may be required by the departments or schools to which you are applying. All students must demonstrate English proficiency as described elsewhere in this catalog. All Ph.D. applicants must submit official GRE scores. In addition, you must submit (1) a statement (not to exceed two pages) describing your goal and rationale for pursuing an IIP degree, including the reasons why the degree goal is not available through an existing advanced degree program at Ohio University (this procedure requires that you be familiar with the possibilities described in this catalog); and (2) atentative plan of study. The program of study form is available from the Office of Graduate Studies.

The committee is responsible for preparing the program requirements, periodically reviewing your progress, administering comprehensive examinations, and directing the final project or dissertation. It is the student’s responsibility to make contact with faculty in their three areas of emphasis and assemble their own IIP committee. Once a Plan of Study is compsed and approved by all committee members it should be submitted, with all other required documents, to the Director of the Individual Interdisciplinary Program.

After all application documents are received, the Director of the Individual Interdisciplinary Program determines whether (1) your qualifications are minimally acceptable, (2) the University’s capabilities and your goals are compatible, and (3) the proposed program is unavailable in an existing format in an existing academic unit.

If these requirements are satisfied, teh credentials are forwarded to the Dean of the College on which your committee chairperson resides. if the decision of the Dean of the College is positive, you are admitted to the program. You are required to follow the degree guidelines and meet the minimum requirements of the assigned college for the degree level sought.

Application materials for fall quarter must be received by March 1. Application materials for other quarters must be received three months before the beginning of the quarter of entry requested.

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