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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 [Archived Catalog]

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SOC 2000 - Contemporary Social Problems

This course examines the claims-making process through which journalists, specialists, politicians, and agents of other media forms identify and reify social problems in everyday life. Special attention is paid to the ways in which claims-makers and social movement architects socially construct arguments by drawing on data sources and using strategic rhetorical styles to influence audiences. The causes and consequences of these definitional processes are examined using multiple social problems.

Requisites: SOC 1000 or (Soph or Jr or Sr)
Credit Hours: 3
OHIO BRICKS Arch: Connected World (ACNW)
General Education Code (students who entered prior to Fall 2021-22): 2SS
Repeat/Retake Information: May be retaken two times excluding withdrawals, but only last course taken counts.
Lecture/Lab Hours: 3.0 lecture
Grades: Eligible Grades: A-F,WP,WF,WN,FN,AU,I
Course Transferability: OTM course: TMSBS Social & Behavioral Sciences, TAG course: OSS025 Social Problems
College Credit Plus: Level 1
Learning Outcomes:  

  • To critique social problems policies and discuss practical solutions to contemporary social ills.
  • To gain an appreciation for the study of social problems in cross-cultural context.
  • To gain an understanding of the manner in which social structure contributes to social problems by producing and reproducing economic and political inequalities.
  • To introduce students to the process through which social problems are identified, legitimized, and addressed.
  • To sensitize students to the major theoretical perspectives and scientific research methods used to evaluate social problems.

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