Jul 23, 2019  
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2015-2017 
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2015-2017 [Archived Catalog]

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ITS 6090 - Telecommunications and Economic Development

An examination of economic development issues and potential telecommunications strategies to assist in solving development problems. The problems of less developed countries will be studied, as well as the potential impact of communication networks and services on development in undeveloped pockets of the developed world. Will also examine urban ills that exist in the developed areas of developed countries and will explore the potential role of communication networks to implement solutions to those urban ills. Will also explore the potential role of communication networks on the development of global markets in the service sector and the impact of this trend on both developed and less developed nations.

Permission required
Credit Hours: 4.0
Repeat/Retake Information: May not be retaken.

Lecture/Lab Hours: 4.0 lecture

Eligible grades: A-F,WP,WF,FN,FS,AU,I

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