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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2007-09 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2007-09 [Archived Catalog]

Guide to Course Listings

The following sections, arranged by college, describe areas of graduate instruction at Ohio University and the requirements for admission to and completion of graduate degree and certificate programs. All programs and requirements are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Ohio University.

Course Number

The course number indicates the student classification for which the course is intended. Courses numbered 500-699 are for master’slevel students; courses numbered 700-899 are for post-master’s or doctoral-level students. No graduate credit is awarded for any work taken below the 500 level.

The italicized information following some course descriptions gives the following information: faculty name; quarter offered (F for fall, W for winter, Sp for spring, Su for summer); frequency with which the course is offered (A for alternate years, Y for yearly, D for on demand); and the last year in which the course was offered.

*GPA = Grade Point Average and is figured on a 4 point scale (4.0-A; 3.0-B; 2.0-C; 1.0-D; and 0.0-F).

Credit Hours

Credit for a course is indicated by the number or numbers in parentheses following the course title. The following abreviations succeeding some course descriptions give the following information: type and amount of credit (lec. for lecture hours, lab. for labratory hours).

For a course carrying variable credit, the credit may be expressed as a range and a maximum-for example, (1-4, max 8)-indicating that one credit is the minimum and four credits the maximum allowed for the course in one quarter. You may enroll for a course with variable credit any number of times and for any number of credits within the quarter limit, provided the total registration for the course does not exceed the maximum. Departments may limit the number of hours counted in satisfying degree requirements.


Course prerequisites are indicated at the beginning of course descriptions following the abbreviation “Prereq.” Even if you have not met the prerequisites, you may add a course by obtaining the instructor’s permission. Once you have completed an advanced course, you may not subsequently enroll in a prerequisite course for credit.

Courses described in this catalog are for graduate credit only; graduate standing is a prerequisite for enrollment. For more information, see “Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses” in the Application for Admission section.

Class Schedule

Each quarter’s Schedule of Classes is available on the Web at